Simple safety precautions that should be undertaken before and during any moderate to long walk in the Upper Blue Mountains are described  pdf Think before you trek brochure (503 KB) .

If you are attempting a more ambitious walk in the surrounding national parks, please understand that weather conditions in the Blue Mountains are likely to change rapidly. All walkers should be aware of the possibility of heavy rain, fog and the likelihood of a rapid rise in water levels on all rivers and streams. Walkers and canyoners are strongly advised to take extra food and warm gear as it is possible to be stranded. No one should attempt these walks without an experienced person as part of the group. A rescue beacon, EPIRB or similar equipment is also strongly recommended. As noted above, mobile phones DO NOT work in most areas and should not be relied upon.


Signposted Walks - Coloured Signs

  1. Mt Wilson Village Walk
  2. Waterfall Walk
  3. Chinamans Hat / Pheasants Cave Walk
  4. Sunday Walk Spur
  5. Wynnes Rocks Lookout and Daintree Lane


Other Walks and Additional Information

The Mt Wilson Village Walk

A walk along The Avenue

Around the Village

The Avenue, Wyndham Ave Circuit

The Waterfalls

Pheasants Cave

The Fire Trail around the Study Centre

Wynnes Rocks

Galwey Lane to Picnic Ground

Cathedral of Ferns

Lambs Hill East

Cathedral Picnic Ground to Study Centre

Walford Lane