Walking around the Mt Wilson village or outside the Village towards the Mt Irvine area, is  a real pleasure. There are easy walks of short duration or more difficult and longer walks.

Walks in and around the Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine area have been divided into three broad categories: details of each of the walks in the categories below include a time and difficulty estimate.

Mt Wilson Village Walks

Walks outside the Village or towards Mt Irvine

Walks along Bells Line of Road

Wollemi Wanders is a local boutique adventure company running guided canyoning trips and bushwalks for small groups, with all equipment and meals provided. In addition to the offerings on their website, which vary seasonally, they are open to requests for specific canyons or walking routes, and also offer private trips which include transport from your accommodation in the Blue Mountains area. 

Libby Raines  wrote A guide to the walking tracks in and around Mount Wilson in 1993 for the Mount Wilson Study Centre Council. The second edition was published in 1994, followed by a third edition in 1998.  The booklet was prepared for those using the Mount Wilson Study Centre, but it would be of interest and value to anyone visiting the Mount Wilson area. Some of these walks have new updated guides in pdf format which maybe downloaded from this website using the links.

The following is the Introduction to Libby's original booklet:

Walking has always been a popular activity at Mount Wilson. The village lanes and roads are very easy and pleasant walking and are often connected by back roads or fire trails, thus making circular walks. They pass through a variety of bush and rainforest and a walker can see and enjoy the various properties with their gardens, trees and shrubs.

Much of the land on the southern side of the mountain is temperate rainforest. In the 1920's large area of bush around the village were declared reserves and vested in a local trust, which managed them until the 1980's. These village reserves are at present under the care of the Blue Mountains City Council and managed by the Mount Wilson Progress Association.

The three main village walks - The Waterfalls walk, the Du Faurs walk and the Happy Valley Track - were made in the 1920's under the direction of the trustees. Steps, fences and notices were made and these have recently been upgraded by the Progress Association. The Anniversary Walk (1993) and the Village Walk (2004) were made by the Mount Wilson Progress Association.

The bush tracks have been made by people walking - the tread of many feet over many years. Twenty five years ago, the areas like the Wollangambe, the Bogey Holes and Boronia Point were known only to Mount Wilson people. Now the Wollangambe is visited by thousands of people each summer who walk down there to lilo through the canyons. New tracks have been made through the bush from various exits along the river.

This booklet will guide you to some beautiful, unspoiled and interesting places. It will help you explore the village and its surrounding bush and rainforest.

Tread quietly and look about you as you walk as there are many kinds of trees, birds and other interesting things to observe as you wander.