Picking your own chestnuts and walnuts is a fun activity for the family or just the opportunity to find fresh high quality nuts for eating or cooking. There are two seasons for walnuts. During the season in autumn at both Mt Irvine and Mt Wilson, several properties open during March and April each year for mature ripe walnuts and chestnuts and they invite people to visit and pick their own nuts.

So, come and pick your own walnuts and chestnuts. There are established nut orchards with large, good quality, fresh chestnuts and walnuts. Chestnuts need gloves to pick up the spiky shells which have fallen to the ground, and break them open to get the chestnuts. Walnuts are just picked from the ground.

Drive around the villages and look for signs outside properties where you can pick nuts. Some properties are regulars each season and other properties advertise only when they have nuts available for picking.

The regular properties open each season are listed below. It is a good idea to call first and check when they are open.

There are public toilets at Silva Plana (just as you enter Mt Wilson), the Fire Station, Founders Corner, Waterfall Reserve and Cathedral Reserve. There are no shops, cafes or ATMs in either village.

Kookootonga Chestnut and Walnut Farm 

Farm gate opening from 9th  March to mid April 2024 every day 9am-4pm

Our  Web siteFacebook  & Instagram have all our up-to-date information 

Nutwood Farm

22 Danes Way, Mt Irvine

Season opening weekends from Saturday 9th March to  mid April 2024

Our Facebook Page has lots of detailed information

Fern Hill

52 The Avenue, Mt Wilson Ph: 02 4756 2008 or 0418 165 879

Open 10am-5pm every day between Saturday 6th April until Sunday 12th May 2024.

Please bring your own food and you can have a picnic on the property.

Gloves and buckets supplied.