Objectives of the Mt Wilson & Mt Irvine Historical Society Inc.

  1. To make a contribution to Australian history by promoting the study of aspects of the Mt  Wilson & Mt Irvine districts and their communities, especially with regard to the history of their
    1. culture and way of life;
    2. exploration; 
    3. settlement; 
    4. Aboriginal history;
    5. industries including agriculture, horticulture, timber, mining, tourism and the like. 
  2. To conserve, preserve and protect the heritage and heritage values of Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine. 
  3. To set up and maintain a museum in the Turkish Bath House at Mt Wilson and to maintain an archive on the history of Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine. 
  4. To maintain close links with other Societies and Associations in the local communities and beyond, by meetings, functions, newsletters and occasional historical papers. 
  5. To lend support to like minded Societies or Associations, where possible..