Listed below are formal public submissions made by the Mt Wilson Progress Association.

The Mount Wilson Progress Association applied on behalf of the Mt Wilson & Mt IrvineRural Fire Brigade, for bushfire signage.

The submission can be found here.

The Federal Government in December 2013 announced a two stage national Mobile Communications Programme that will provide support funding for new mobile base towers for areas with poor or no mobile wireless voice or broadband data service.

The Mt Wilson Progress Association joined with the Mt Irvine Progress Association and our RFS Brigade to put in an initial submission to the Federal Department of Communicationsin support of investement in our area on 24 February 2014.

The submission can be found here.

In May 2013, the MPWA gave a presentation to BMCC about a wide variety of community issues.

The presentation

Note that the presentation is 13 Mb in size

Linked below are two submissions to Hawkesbury Council from the MWPA expressing major concerns with the proposed closure of the Mt Irvine Road.

Mt Irvine Road closure proposal 22 05 13

Mt Irvine Road closure proposal submission addendum 07 06 13

The NSW Electoral Commission has prposed changes to the State Government electroal region of the Blue Mountains. Under this proposal, Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine would be redistributed to the Hawkesbury electoral region.

The Mt Wilson Progress Asocciation has voiced their strong concern with these changes.

A copy of the letter sent to the Electoral Commssion by the Progress Association can be viewed here.

In response to the request of the Blue Mountains City Council for a contribution to the development of Council's Community Strategic Plan: Sustainable Blue Mountains 2025, the Mt Wilson Progress Association has surveyed the community in December 2012 and built on and updated previous submissions for the plan with a view on the outlook, activities and needs of the unique historic garden village.

The submission can be found here.