Canyoning can be very dangerous.  It is easy to get into trouble.  Members of the local RFS often assist Police and Ambulance with rescues, some with fatal consequences.  We are there to help but would much prefer that you are fully aware of the dangers and take the necessary precautions.  Let’s not meet by accident.

Important Safety Information and Precautions (please ensure you read):

There is no phone coverage in the canyons, please allow plenty of time, let people know when to expect you back, carry some warm clothing in case you end up staying out overnght, and carry a personal locator beacon.

Please follow the links below to the information you need on canyoning in the Mt Wilson & Mt Irvine area of the Blue Mountains. Please also take appropriate steps to ensure your safety.

  • Carry a Personal Location Beacon to give location if injured or lost (please only set off if genuine injury or life at risk). Mobile phone coverage in the area is poor and non existent in the canyons. Normally the best place to make phone calls from is along The Avenue between Queens Avenue, as you enter the Mt Wilson village, and the fire station. So you will not be able to rely on a mobile phone in an emergency. A Personal Location Beacon is the best bet in an emergency.

  • You need to ensure that all members are capable and know what the day entails.

  • You should be prepared to spend a night in the canyon, maybe to stay with an injured party member or due to running out of daylight.

  • You need to carry plenty of water, maps, head torch, warm dry clothing and extra food.

  • Make sure those at home have a realistic time of return and are prepared for the group to be out overnight with out unnecessary calling in emergency services.

You can walk down to the Wollangambe

If you would like to have a look, but not go canyoning, the walking details can be found here

Canyoning information

Canyoning is a really exciting and pleasurable experience but some basic safety precautions need kept in mind. While exploring the canyons around Mt Wilson & Mt Irvine you will see native animals, wonderful geology, spectacular scenery and you will have the chance to descend into the narrow gorges which have been carved out by water over thousands of years.

Further detailed information on canyoning in the area can be found here.

Commercial Groups

There are a number of commercial adventure companies that operate in the Blue Mountains. They provide fully guided tours for people of experience levels: from absolute beginners through to very experienced people. They generally provide all the equipment required for the activity and group sizes are limited to 10 people as a maximum. 

Bushwalking Clubs

Many bushwalking clubs around Sydney and the Blue Mountains run canyoning activities as part of their trip offerings. They usually have some membership and training requirements before you can join on certain trips but can be an excellent way to see many locations over a period of time. The Federation of Bushwalking Clubs is the best place to go to find information about a club in your area, but there are also a handful of online communities that occassionally allow beginners to join organised expeditions.

The Mt Wilson/Mt Irvine Rural Fire Brigade has published a 1:25,000 custom topographical map covering Mt Wilson, Mt Irvine, Mt Tomah to Bell at Darling Causeway. It shows the walking trails, fire trails and location of the canyons in this area. The cost of the map is $20. For information on how to purchase the map email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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