Artist in Residence,  The Old School Mt Wilson
beauty, diversity, tranquility


The Old School, Mount Wilson commenced an Artist in Residence program in 2019. This is a volunteer based, not for profit organisation aiming to share the beauty, diversity and tranquility of Mount Wilson, providing an opportunity for artists to work, be supported by and engage with the local community.

The program provides residency, accommodation and studio, for one month for both emerging and established artists and suits musicians/composers, writers, visual and textile artists. 

Each resident will give a community engagement event.


Congratulations to these artists who have been awarded a one month residency during the September 2023 to March 2024 period

Ward O'Neill

Frankie Meaden

Johanna Hildebrandt

Frankie Dyson Reilly

Anna Spencer

Peter Spencer 


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Residencies for November 2022 to June 2023

Belle Bregovic emerging poet/classical pianist and guitarist Eitan Muir during their residency will delve deep into their craft and develop new performance works, culminating in a premier performancefor the Mt Wilson local community
Helen Pitt is a senior writer at the Sydney Morning heraldand author of The House, the extraordinary story of the Sydney opera House and the  people who built it. This residency will be her first attempt at writing fiction, working on an idea about French female explorers in NSW
Helen Begley is a song writer, composer, performer, teacher and facilitator, currently working on a trilogyof musical performance pieces that explore the stories of femaile immigration to Australia in the 1930s, "Voyage", "Wild" and "Wrecked". During her residency she will be working on "Wild" , the story of immigrant Martha Wild.
Sharon Peoples is a textile artist oscillating between hand and machine embroidery to examine issues. She is energised and draws inspiration from gardens. For her residency she proposes to take time to researchand explore the birds that are present or migrate through the Mt Wilson 'garden'
Anna Glynn artist and Peter Dalmazzo biologist will explore the Blue Mountains basalt forest endangered ecological community creating artwork to focus attention and highlight a stunning and complex environment
Marynes Avila is a multi-award winning artist concerned with socially engaged practice who creates work that specifically responds to site and community
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Residencies for November 2021 to May 2022

Cadance Bell is an author, writer, producer and director.
Brad Gill is a musician and composer
Ariella Van Luyn is a writer
Natasha Dubler is a multidisciplinary artist working across sound installation, music performance and small sculpture.
Anna Glynn artist & Peter Dalmazzo biologist
Jennifer Keeler-Milne is a visual artist.
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Residencies for October 2020 to June 2021 

Jane Guthleben is a visual artist whose practice involves a fascination with C17th Dutch still life paintings and how to reimagine them in an Australian context
Jody Graham is a multidiscipline artist, whose artwork commemorates loss and memory. Her purpose is to conserve valuable stories and contribute creatively to the Australian bushfire history.
Leah Bullen  is a visual artist whose practice explores various locations that recreate and curate the natural world, such as gardens.
Julie Thorndyke is a writer
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Residencies for October 2019 to May 2020 

LeAnne Vincent a photo based visual artist  read more.....
Leisel Mott  is a landscape painter
Tristan Coelho composer and Emily Granger harpist
Troth - Amelia Besseney  and Cooper Bowman together they fashion ethereal soundscapes from field recordings, vocals, electronics, zither, tape loops and sampled percussion and piano
Mandy Beaumont is a novelist 
Lynne Ainsworth will be working on her memoir 'Someone Must Pay'
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