Picnic areas abound at Mt Wilson. You can choose between open parks, sheltered areas, seats and tables, and shelter sheds

Founders Corner

Picnic tables and benches and toilets at the intersection of The Avenue and Mt Irvine Rd.

Gregson Park

Links the bottom end of Waterfall Road and Wyndham Avenue.

Sloan Reserve

Shaded area near Ferny Corner on The Avenue

Wynne Reserve

Open area with good views which is adjacent to St Georges Church on Church Lane near The Avenue

Waterfall Reserve

Just down the end of Waterfall Rd. Shelter shed and toilet. Waterfall Walk through the rainforest is a must, about 1 hour.

Cathedral Reserve

BBQs, picnic benches, toilets and a shelter shed on Mt Irvine Rd towards Mt Irvine, about 1km from the centre of the village

Happy Valley

Shelter shed on Mt Irvine Rd about 2km from the villge centre. Try the Happy Valley Walk, approximately 1 hour from the picnic area.

Silva Plana

At the top of the Zig Zag just as you enter the village. Established as a sports field with good space for games. Toilets and picnic tables are available

Please only use the BBQ facilities at Cathedral Reserve. Lighting a BBQ at other places throughout the village presents a potential fire hazard.