Cathedral Reserve is now open for camping. There will be a range of social distancing requirements and one predominant requirement of the "Conditions of Entry" is that people email their contact details to a designated Council email address - for future contact tracing if required. Check for instructions. You do not have to book and it is free to use.

Cathedral Reserve is on the Mt Irvine Rd on the way out of the Mt Wilson village travelling towards Mt Irvine opposite the Cathedral of Ferns. It is a large open area with Liquidambers along the Mt Irvine Rd and rainforest behind the reserve.

The Reserve has two modern composting toilets which were installed by Blue Mountains City Council.

The reserve has been extended several times, giving picnickers and campers the choice of camping in the open or amongst the trees. It is suitable for camper trailers, caravans, motorhomes, and tents, particularly above and behind the central grassed area and back into the rainforest.

Bollards have been installed to prevent cars driving on the central grassed areas adjacent to Mt Irvine Rd so these can be used by tents and picnickers and are protected. 

Near the Cathedral of Ferns a path has been made so that visitors can park in Cathedral Reserve and walk to the Cathedral of Ferns without having to walk along the road. This a narrow road on a bend where it is difficult for motorists to see people walking along the road.

Recently a large number of open fireplaces with BBQ facilities have been installed by the Progress Association to aid campers and to discourage the lighting of fires in any other location. This destroyed the grass and increased the risk of bushfire at certain times of the year.

Many people camp or picnic at Cathedral Reserve. Camping is free and no booking is required. There are toilets, tank water (not suitable for drinking but can be boiled or used for other purposes), fireplaces, picnic tables and garbage bins. Remember to bring your own drinking water, firewood, warm clothes (it gets cold at night), toilet paper and your own camping gear.

Dogs are allowed in the Mt Wilson Village and at Cathedral Reserve, however dogs are not allowed in the National Park adjacent to the reserve and village. So walks around the village are ok providing they are not into the National Park.

Users are reminded to securely lock up any valuables during their stay.

Opposite Cathedral Reserve is the Cathedral of Ferns.