Approximate time is three quarters of an hour. This is a very pleasant short walk through the centre of the village. The section through Gregson Park is a little steep.


From the Study Centre, walk up the road to the Church. One can walk off the road on the left through the Memorial Reserve then cross over the road and walk beneath the cherries and down into Sloan Reserve. Here a delightful stone bridge has been built across the tiny stream. Set amongst the green tree ferns, it is a lovely place to linger. The path takes you back to the road which you can then cross and steps lead you to the bank above the road. You walk beneath horse chestnut trees beside Nooroo and then under the towering elms beside Withycombe.

It is always interesting to wander through the church grounds before continuing past the old post office to the castellated fence of Wynstay then turn right at the T intersection along Waterfall Rd. As you come down the hill note Rimon and Chimney Cottage (for other walks). Keep close to the fence at Chimney Cottage and you will find the track that leads over the bridge into Gregson Park. At the top of Gregson Park is Wyndham Avenue. Turn right into this and return to the Centre. As you pass the obscured fence of Yengo, on the left as you come along Wyndham Avenue, you may get a glimpse of wallabies and emus.

A short extension can be taken at the Church by turning left and walking to the end of Church Lane and return. (Add twenty minutes for this extension).

Another extension is to turn left at the Wynstay T intersection along Mt Irvine Rd. Keep beside the stone wall of The Lodge and then on to the Anniversary Walk. Above you, on the right, is the Turkish Bathouse which is restored and used by the local historical society as a museum. Pause on the seat in memory of the Kirk family and look out at the splendid view of the endless ridges and gorges to the north of Mount Wilson, before continuing to and then down Davies Lane. When the road ends keep coming along the track till you arrive at Rimon. This passes through some dense rainforest and past some lovely gardens. (Add 25 minutes for this extension).