You will need at least two hours for this if you walk both ways. You might be able to drive a car to the picnic ground to speed up the return.


Walk on the Village Walk via the Church and Wynstay T intersection to Rimon (see the Around the Village walk). Opposite Rimon the track leads through the bush beside the Wynstay fields. If you look up across the fields you can see the back of the old stables and the lovely domed brick well which was built in 1880.

Continue just past Merry Garth and at the corner of the lane (in the dip) you will see steps to your right and a track which takes you through the rainforest behind Campanella and Linden, coming out at the end of Hillcrest Lane which is grassed and comes down on the left.

Keep beside the fence of Tolimount Cottage and walk along past Bisley. Just past Bisley the road ends at a gate. Stay to the left of the gate and the path takes you into the back of the picnic ground (the tracks divide, but they all end up at the Picnic Ground). You can return along Hillcrest Lane, then either walk along the Anniversary Walk and the Village Walk, or go down Davies Lane and through the bush to Waterfall Road. If you want a longer walk go back by the fire trail (see the Cathedral Picinic Ground to the Study Centre walk).