Allow at least an hour for this walk, plus some extra time to spend in this charming cool bower. There are quite steep on part of this bush walk and it is a rough track


This is a magic place! The walk to the Pheasants Cave is commenced from the northern side of Du Faurs Rocks, or continue from Chinaman's Hat. The track leaves the road about 40 metres back from the lookout. This track joins a path below Du Faurs Rocks from Chinaman's Hat, and when you meet it you turn right (east). A path has been cut into the rocks and is well marked. The walk onto Pheasants Cave is well marked, lovely but rather steep. Once down to the stream, cross it and turn right until you come into a small rainforest area where the water falls over the edge of the rocks. The cave is beyond the fall and has been frequented by lyrebirds or pheasants. The stream has its origin in the grounds of the Study Centre.