Jefferson Bridge in Gregson Park rebuilt May 1993

Gregson Park, together with Jefferson Bridge, recently rebuilt in 1993 and which straddles Waterfall Creek, links the bottom end of Waterfall Road and Wyndham Avenue.

The small park had its origins in the one of the earliest recorded transactions of the Mount Wilson settlement. The land now known as the property Chimney Cottage was originally sold as Portion 21 to Robert David Fitzgerald, a Civil Engineer from Hunters Hill in Sydney, on 17th June 1875. The original parcel of 9 acres, 1 rood and 12 perches was purchased for twenty six pounds, six shillings and threepence (23/6/3).
On 17th September 1920, Robert Fitzgerald signed joint tenancy of this land to his brother Edward, a Newcastle architect.
Edward J. Gregson - a dedicated botanist and a lover of the natural bushland - had decided to sell Yengo as his wife Margaret found it too cold and purchase land nearby. The land was sold to Gregson six weeks later on 20th November 1920.
On 7th June 1940, Gregson gifted 3 roods of the Chimney Cottage property to His Majesty King George VI; this parcel of land in effect then became Crown Land. Gregson eventually sold this property in 1946.

Against this background was the establishment of the Mount Wilson Group of the Blue Mountains Sight [sic] Reserves. Note that the Mt Wilson Trust Reserve existed before 1930. There is evidence of its existence during World War I but no minute book has been uncovered. This group  comprising E.J. Gregson, Sydney (Syd) Kirk, George E. Valder and Richard Owen Wynne  had its first formal meeting in 1930 on 15th March at the Shelter Shed in Waterfall reserve. This meeting, and all subsequent meetings, are captured in the formal Minutes Book which is currently held by the Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine Historical Society.
Gregson was the President of this group from this meeting in 1930 through to 1935, but he still maintained an active interest in the group, and the wider Mt Wilson community, for many years after he stepped down.
The Sight Reserve Group met on 26th January 1941 at Chimney Cottage, with an overseeing committee of Fred Mann (President), R (Rollie) Clark (Vice President), Gregson (Secretary and Treasurer), George Valder, Richard Wynne and Syd Kirk. On the same date under the Presidency of Fred Mann, and with Syd Kirk as Secretary and Treasurer, it was decided to name the land formerly gifted by Gregson as Gregson Park. A budget of 2/16/- was set aside to employ a local worker for four days to undertake initial maintenance.

Today, the park is overseen and maintained by the Mount Wilson Progress Association on behalf of the Blue Mountains City Council. The Bush Regeneration Group of Mt Wilson since 1999 has carried out necessary weed removal and control.