Allow 4 hours


This road was built during the the Depression and opened in 1935 after much persuading by the Mount Irvine residents for a second access road to their mountain. It goes from Mount Irvine to the Bells Line of Road at Bilpin just west of the small BP garage and store.

It is a narrow road which is cut into the cliff side on three levels on the southern side and winds it way up on the northern slope with three big hairpin bends. The effort by the men who built the road with very primitive tools was enormous and their living conditions would have been very rough, using rock shelters and tents.

The road on the south side has now sadly been closed to vehicular traffice from both the Biplin and  Mt Irvine sides.

We are hoping it may be made into a fire trail in the future.

You can leave a car at either end of the road but it is a long car shuffle.

The gravel dump opposite the Rutherglen gate on the Bowens Creek Road is the start. Walk down the road, enjoying the bush as you go. After the first hair pin bend, and down a little, watch out for an inscription carved on the rock "1½ miles start of road", the letters of the 'S' being reversed in both cases. The carving is high on the embankment about four metres on a rock shelf on the top side (right going down) of the road.

After the second hairpin bend, there is a great view down over the creek valley and across to the three levels of the road on the other side.

As the road descends, the vegetation changes from open eucalyptus forest to rainforest near the creek. One of the old rock rock shelters used by the road builders can be accessed on the left and at some of the culverts where water falls on the rocks on the right, many glow worms can be seen at night.

Once down at Bowens Creek, wander up a little beside the creek or have a dip in the clear cool water or a picnic on the bridge.

The walk continues up on the southern side. On the top level, much vegetation clings to the rocky cliffs and you get a great view across the valley. If you are returning the same way, walk up the road as far as you want before retracing your steps. Otherwise continue along the road to you vehicle besides the Bells Line of Road.