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Training opportunities

Training opportunities

The Mt Wilson / Mt Wilson Rural Fire Brigade offers training at both a local level and at a District level through the NSW Rural Fire Service Blue Mountains District Office.

The training covers the needs of operational front line firefighters, community engagement volunteers and support volunteers for the brigade.

The Mt Wilson / Mt Irvine Brigade takes training very seriously. We feel the more knowledge and skills we have the safer it will be for us, and we will be able to serve the community at a higher standard.

We value the contribution everyone makes whether it is operational or support.

Operational fire fighter training is for front line fire fighters and covers direct fire fighting, chainsaw skills, specialist skills, first aid, driving skills, and traffic management.

Support volunteer training is for people who provide support for front line fire fighters either during or between emergencies. This covers roles such as incident management, station officer, catering and equipment management.

Community engagement training helps us work with the community to make sure people are informed and take appropriate measures to ensure their protection. This includes community safety and liaison training.