Three to four hours. There is a good picnic place at the end of the track.


Drive to the end of the Mount Irvine Road, through the gate and leave the car near the big tree in the turning circle. Walk along the fire trail (closing the gates please) and another fire trail comes in on the right. Quite soon you will see a small grassy area on your left and the path goes off here. The path takes you out to the Pavements, but if you lose it, keep up on top of the ridge and you will come back on to it. The Pavements, a tessellated hill, are interesting rock formations and you will come to them if you keep up on top of the ridge.

It is a wonderful place with superb views of the Wollangambe on your left and Bowens Creek on your right and the 'never never' of the wilderness. It is not a difficult walk.