There were a lot of fires in NSW in 1968 and several came to Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine. A heavy fall of snow in 1967 meant that there were many dead branches to act as fuel for any fires. Some spring clearing at Glen Davis started a fire which you could see from Cecil Kirk's mine at Mt Irvine. Paul Naylor remembers watching this fire for months and it finally arrived on 27th November. He remembers being in the blitz with Kevin Gunn and Ed Knight Brown, coming down Danes Way and over Scrivener Pass through a tunnel of flame. The fire came slowly around Danes Way to Touri, then owned by Paul Finato. The spare wheel carrier of the blitz got caught in the hills hoist and, although they saved the property, Mr Finato was upset about the hills hoist!

Libby Raines remembers going out to Gowan Ross where Jane Smart was busy making meals for the firefighters. She and Bill Smart drove up to the top of Farrer Road and then down to meet Ron Smart, Alan Gunn and others who had a truck with water. The fire came up over Lambs Hill and burnt to Boronia Point and Farrer Road West. Libby remembers the men fighting the flames with knapsack sprays. She stayed on the back of the truck directing water from a short hose and helping to fill up the knapsacks. The men all worked long hours and used to snatch a few hours' sleep near where they were working. They did not go home to sleep. Libby, Ruth Scrivener, Jane Smart and others made tea and sandwiches and drove them out to the men.

Fire kept coming from the west and another came from Bowens Creek to Fields Selection toward Zircon Creek. On 29 November it started to rain and helped extinguish the flames.

It was during this fire that the Brigade first put in the rake hoe line which linked the end of the Southern Fire Trail up into Waterfall Creek and across it and up on to the ridge below Boggy Bend. Each time there has been a fire this line has been opened up again. The Boronia Point Fire Trail went in during and after this fire.