On 26th December lightning started a fire at Lost Flat Mountain, North West of Mt Irvine. It is standard procedure now to send firefighters to remote areas by helicopter but perhaps this was the first example of a RAFT (Remote Area Firefighting Team). Alan Gunn, Paul Naylor, Mike McLean and Ed Knight Brown climbed into a Channel 7 helicopter and flew off. The helicopter had no door and Paul's seatbelt jammed. Although he eventually got it on, he thought he was going to fall out as the helicopter took off. Tinned peaches that they were taking for food rolled across the floor of the helicopter, out the door and down into the Wollangambe.

The helicopter landed in a swamp as that was the only flat ground. The only tools they had were 20 litre metal knapsacks and McCloud tools (rake hoes). Once they were out of water, Alan and Paul found a soak which they dug out to replenish their water supplies. They managed to contain the fire. The helicopter had left for another fire at Warragamba and did not return till nearly dark to take the men back. The helicopter pilot later commented that it was his most hazardous flight since Vietnam.