This fire started at Bell as a result of welding on the railway line. It burnt out Bells Line of Road and parts of the 5 mile. The road was closed for hours. Beth Raines remembers being stuck on the school bus at Bell. To keep her entertained, the driver (her father) gave her coins so that she could go and buy chips and sweets at the petrol station that was then located there. Not all memories of fire are bad!

Eventually, the school bus was escorted though and Beth remembers burning trees, stumps and logs all along the way. Cecil Kirk talked about fire balls from the burning sap of the eucalypts flying hundreds of feet into the air.

It is hard to believe that the verges of Bells Line were kept so clear of vegetation that you could see round corners and see part of the 5 mile from Bells Line. This clearing is no longer practised and you can see that the trees on Bells Line are not very old and all the same age.