Regardless of your decision to 'Leave Early' or 'Stay and Defend' you still need to prepare your property against the threat of bush fire. The reasons include the following:

  •  A well prepared property is more likely to survive a bush fire
  •  A well prepared property is easier for you and your family to defend
  •  A well prepared property is easier for fire fighters to defend (make sure there is access for their vehicles and they can reach your water supply)
  •  A well prepared property provides better protection for you and your family if you have not had time or opportunity to 'leave early'
  •  A well prepared property is less of a bushfire threat to your neighbours
  •  Nothing replaces family mementoes, photos or favourite toys lost in a fire
  •  Insurance does not cover the hassle, time, emotion and effort involved in the rebuilding/replacement/repairing process
  •  Insurance does not cover the cost of everything

The Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine Residents pdf Property Protection Checklist (408 KB)  summarises what you may need to do to prepare your property before and during the bushfire season. Further information can be found on the NSW Rural Fire Service website under 'Plan and Prepare - Prepare Your Home'.

If vegetation needs to be cleared and burned please check the topic Hazard Reductions and Pile Burns on this website.