Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine are places of high bushfire risk. Planning is a way in which risk can be analysed and mitigated. You may have already made a decision to 'Stay and Defend' your home or 'Leave Early' but in the event of a bushfire you may not have the luxury of exercising your choice of action. During the fires of 1994 Mt Wilson Rd was closed within an hour of the fire starting leaving no time to warn residents who would wish to leave. During the 2013 State Mine Fire the roads were closed in all directions and only intermittently open to local traffic. Several residents could not return to Mt Wilson or Mt Irvine due to fires starting elsewhere in the mountains and blocking roads.

Therefore, to plan effectively, it makes sense to consider all risks and all options. Not everyone thinks clearly in an emergency. A written and well-practised plan listing actions to be taken, the various responsibilities of family members and options if a backup plan is required will help your family to remember what needs to be done during a crisis.

The NSW Rural Fire Service website contains a wealth of information on understanding your level of bushfire risk and the ways in which you can reduce those risks and improve the safety of your family and your property. The Mt Wilson/Mt Irvine Rural Fire Brigade has designed the pdf "Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine Residents' Bushfire Survival Plan" (470 KB) which contains a template and checklists to assist you in writing a Bushfire Survival plan for living in Mt Wilson or Mt Irvine.