The Mt Wilson/ Mt Irvine Brigade currently has about 55 active firefighters, and 45 support volunteers. About a third of our active firefighters live in the villages and can provide immediate response to incidents. The other two thirds of members live off the mountains and respond to longer duration incidents where crews are needed on subsequent days. This provides the Brigade with the ability to consistently fight long lasting bushfire events.

In 2011 the Brigade comprised:

Fire Trucks: 1 x Cat 11 Pumper, 1 x Cat 1, 1 x Cat 7, 1 x Cat 9, 1 x PC
Active Firefighters: about 55, and Active Support people: about 45
Members: about 170 members
Fire Station: 47 The Avenue, Mt Wilson
Fire Shed: Mt Irvine Rd, Mt Irvine

Static Water supply tanks throughout the community with roadside hydrants 

On public ground - 9

On private property - 6