Have a battery operated radio and listen to news reports for any warnings. When a fire is imminent there are a number of  precautions that the householder can do to increase the likelihood of the property surviving.

Stay calm - stick to the plan you have developed.

Put on long-sleeved clothes of fire resistant (natural fibres - cotton or wool) material. Wear enclosed footwear and a hat. Cover exposed skin. Keep wet towels and woollen blankets for personal protection. Overalls are recommended for everyone.

Close all doors and windows. Block gaps around doors and windows with wet towels.

Plug down pipes and fill gutters with water. You can use plastic bags filled with sand.

Fill all tubs and sinks with water. Place a ladder near the manhole to your roof access. Place buckets of water in the roof spaces. Check the roof space regularly for fire or sparks.

Seal all vents. Close blinds and curtains, move furniture away from windows.

If you have a petrol/diesel powered pump, hose and alternate water source, start it now and wet down buildings and surrounding vegetation. If there is sufficient time and water, hose any dry underfloor areas or crevices where sparks and embers may enter. Pay particular attention to any areas where there may still be fine fuels, such as mulched garden beds.

Keep children and pets inside.

When the fire actually arrives, retreat inside to the side of the house away from the fire until the front (the hottest and most intense part of fire) has passed then inspect your property for any fires started by embers lodging in gutters, timber etc.

Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

Watch for sparks entering the house. Your house provides a safer refuge than fleeing at the last minute.

However, if directed to evacuate by the police, you should go as they direct.

Remember that Integral Energy may turn off power before a fire arrives.

You can ring the Fire Station on 4756 2040 to get recorded status updates - in addition your Street Coordinator will be fully briefed as to the latest situation, and will pass that information on to all people within their designated area.