Fires are unpredictable and plans can fail eg fires can travel quickly and block roads before official warnings can be disseminated. In isolated villages like Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine with only one road in and out you must expect this possibility and prepare for the risk. A back up plan should be part of your written Bushfire Survival Plan as it can help you act when faced with this emergency and save your life if caught in a fire.

The best option if you cannot leave is a well prepared property. See our advice on Prepare Your Property. If your home is not defendable and you yourself are not able to defend then your Bushfire Survival Plan will need to note other local options such as a better prepared neighbour's property or a clear paddock. Travelling during a fire is extremely dangerous (NSW Rural Fire Service – Plan and Prepare - Travelling in a Bushfire Area) so make sure your choice of alternative shelter is close by and know the safest route (preferably more than one).

Radiant heat is the main cause of dying during a fire and the main reason it is so dangerous to be in the open or caught in a car. It can kill from hundreds of metres away. Radiant heat can crack and break windows thus allowing embers to enter. Radiant heat can be blocked by a solid object or barrier such as a concrete wall or building, although it will travel through glass. Covering all exposed skin with clothing can offer some basic protection. pdf Checklist 6 in the Bushfire Survival Plan (470 KB)  will tell you the best sort of clothing to have available.

If you decide to stay you must defend actively, keeping a lookout for embers ( pdf Bushfire Survival Plan Checklist 3 As the Fire Approaches (470 KB) ). During the passing of a fire front you will need to shelter inside ( pdf Bushfire Survival Plan Checklist 4 During the Fire (470 KB) ). Make sure you have more than one exit from the room and can see what is happening outside but stay away from windows. Bathrooms with their one exit and small frosted windows can be the least safe room in a house.