On 17th February 2010 a young woman broke her ankle while canyoning in the Wollangambe Gorge near Mt Wilson. ABC News reported it as follows:

"Latest rescue

There was another rescue this morning. Police say a 25-year-old tripped and broke her ankle during a canyoning trip with friends yesterday afternoon at Mount Wilson.

One of the woman's friends stayed with her while her friends trekked out and alerted emergency services around 5:00pm.

The woman was carrying a locater beacon, which meant authorities had no trouble finding her. A police rescue officer and three ambulance officers were airlifted into the area and used roped to haul her up at least 30 metres by 2:00am.

They stayed with her overnight until she was airlifted in the morning. The woman is recovering in hospital.

But last month, 15-year-old Nick Delaney was not so lucky when he was canyoning in a spot nearby. The teenager was killed when a rock fell on him."

The full news story included comments about other rescues.