The pdf September 2011 edition of Everyday Endeavours (1.60 MB) , the staff newspaper of Endeavour Energy recorded the clean-up operations in Mt Wilson after the severe windstorm of Tuesday 5th July 2011. This edition used photos of Mt Wilson supplied by Peter Raines. The extensive damage in Mt Wilson, and in other parts of the upper Blue Mountains, is well chronicled here.

The Mt Wilson/ Mt Irvine Brigade was honoured to be recognised in the July issue of the RFS Bushfire Bulletin with the following stories.


On the 2nd and 3rd January 2011 Mt Wilson/Mt Irvine RF Brigade volunteers participated in a rescue of climbers who had been stuck at the bottom of the cliff. Peter Raines was one of the rescue party of 5 that found the climbers and stayed with them overnight and walked them out the next day. Other Brigade volunteers provided support and communications to the rescue parties.

On 17th February 2010 a young woman broke her ankle while canyoning in the Wollangambe Gorge near Mt Wilson. ABC News reported it as follows:

"Latest rescue

There was another rescue this morning. Police say a 25-year-old tripped and broke her ankle during a canyoning trip with friends yesterday afternoon at Mount Wilson.

One of the woman's friends stayed with her while her friends trekked out and alerted emergency services around 5:00pm.

The woman was carrying a locater beacon, which meant authorities had no trouble finding her. A police rescue officer and three ambulance officers were airlifted into the area and used roped to haul her up at least 30 metres by 2:00am.

They stayed with her overnight until she was airlifted in the morning. The woman is recovering in hospital.

But last month, 15-year-old Nick Delaney was not so lucky when he was canyoning in a spot nearby. The teenager was killed when a rock fell on him."

The full news story included comments about other rescues.

Community First Responder is a program of the Mt Wilson/ Mt Irvine Rural Fire Brigade who provide emergency life sustaining support for people who have dialed '000' for the ambulance, while the ambulance is travelling to the patient. In February 2008 the Community First Responders continued their training in Lithgow.

The Barkers Creek Fire near Warragamba in early November 2006 was a large fire with the potential to threaten many towns and Villages near Warragamba Dam and in the Blue Mountains.

Opening of the new Mt Wilson Fire Station in 1998.