Margaret (Meg) Gregson was born at Leura in 1927, the middle of three daughters of Edward and Margaret Gregson who were living at Wyndham when the girls were born. Meg's grandfather Jesse Gregson had come to Mt Wilson in 1878 and built Yengo, where two generations of the Gregson family lived until it was sold to Fred Mann in 1923. Meg and her sisters Helen and Troath enjoyed a happy, carefree childhood in Mt Wilson, learning about the bush, birds and animals and attending the small public school before going off to boarding school at MLC Burwood. Meg then worked in Sydney and studied art at East Sydney Technical College for a time before joining a bohemian art group and continuing with her painting and drawing.

Meg (shown below at work in 1968,from the archives of the Mt Wilson/Mt Irvine Historical Society) married Chris Fromel in 1958 and they returned to Mt Wilson, building Rimon cottage on land purchased from Marjorie Sloan, of Bebeah. After Chris died in 1984 Rimon was sold and Meg lived for a few years at Applecot, in Wyndham Avenue. During her time in Mt Wilson Meg perfected her skill with lino cuts, creating many wonderful prints of familiar scenes along the Avenue, early houses, gates and vistas that are now to be available through the Historical Society.

In 1987 Meg moved to Killcare where her sister Helen Warliker was living nearby. Meg continued with her painting, and became an active member of the National Park Association, enjoying long walks, joining a local bird watching group and volunteering at the Bouddi National Park Visitors Centre.

Some years ago Meg presented the Mt Wilson/Mt Irvine Historical Society with the full set of her original linocuts from the 1960s. These linocut images capture scenes of the villages and homes of Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine in a time capsule. Society member Nancy Fox has used Meg's familiar images in a new project for the Society.

Prints have been made by graphic artist Roslyn Kean and have been reproduced as notecards. These can be purchased in a set of six cards with individual enevelopes, or as an A4 print, and are available at the Turkish Bath, selected retailers or on-line through