A small, brown coloured album, 'The Seasons Greetings', owned by Ruth White (Patrick White's mother). Holds black and white photographs of 'Withycombe' (1923). The album was a gift to Ruth White to Mariamne Wynne. The album includes photos of 'Withycombe', the family home of the Whites at Mt. Wilson. 'Lulworth', the White's Rushcutters Bay Sydney home and The Lodge (Mt. Wilson) are also featured in this album.


White envelope marked: 'Old photos found in 'Old Wynstay', 1990s. Containing three postcards (The Bretheren, St. Cross, Hospital, Winchester, and an undated postcard addressed to Miss J./L/ (?) Wynne c/- Mrs Domnett, Higher Park Farm, Broadwindsor, Dorset. Cassara Bazar, Suez, Eygpt). There are also two black and white photographs - 'Brougham'(a horse-drawn vehicle) at 'Yarrawa' and 'Mountains around Mt. Wilson'. There is a note saying that the photos and postcards were "found in [a] box of books in the Drawing Room, Old Wynstay', opposite the Dolls House (26/7/1998)".