Severe wind storms hit the Blue Mountains on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th July 2011, Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine were both affected however, it was the highest areas of Mt Wilson which experienced the most damage. The damage came in two extended periods of gusts. The first was one Tuesday afternoon and the second Tuesday night/ early Wednesday morning. Roads were blocked, power  lines brought down and residents lost access and electricity. On Wednesday, the telephones went out until Telstra managed to get the exchange at the top of the Zig Zag working again.

RF Brigade crews from Mt Wilson/Mt Irvine, Mt Tomah and other brigades, people from Mt Irvine, and Council people cleared roads enough so there was one lane access on Tuesday evening, only to have roads blocked by more fallen trees overnight Tuesday. Finally by Wednesday evening most roads were passable. We are very grateful for the willing response from the Mt Tomah Brigade who supplied two vehicles and crew and came back to assist a second and third day. The catering team at Mt Wilson provided very welcome food and drinks to all brigade personel, contractors and Council employees.

All roads around Mt Wilson were affected. The Zig Zag had several trees block the road. We would clear the road and then another would fall. The Avenue was blocked in a couple of places on Tuesday and one lane was cleared, but then more trees fell on Tuesday night. Wyndham Ave, Wynnes Rocks Rd, Church Lane and Waterfall Rd were all blocked by one or more trees. The Mt Irvine Rd was blocked in several places by fallen trees below Hillcrest Lane and around Cathedral Reserve, and more fallen trees closing it all the way out to Mt Irvine. Farrer Rd West was blocked by several trees which came down along it's length.

One contractor was injured on Tuesday when a branch fell on him while working at a property along Smith Rd. The Community First Responders were called out and managed to reach him and once Farrer Rd West was cleared, he was taken to hospital. Fortunately he does not have severe injuries, just severe bruising.

Endeavor Energy crews have done a wonderful job restoring power after the damage done by the wind storms. They have repaired broken poles, downed power lines, removed trees frompower lines and reconnected residents by Saturday evening. They could not gain access to the villages until Wednesday and had teams inspecting the damage so they could develop plans  to restore power. They implemented these plans on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.