- Chimney Cottage
- Chimney Cottage
- Baby and Flo Davies(?) at wooden crib made by RO Wynne
- Baby and Flo Davies(?) at wooden crib made by RO Wynne
97/283 Beowang orchard c1920s (Ruth White album)
97/181 Beowang garden probably c1918 - 1919 (Shaw Collection)
97/192 Beowang garden scene c1919
97/194 Beowang garden c1919 - 1920 (Members of the Shaw Family)
99/182 Four men in car on road in Mt Wilson - From Beowang? (May Collard Coll'n)
97/179 Cottage at Beowang occupied by caretakers Mr & Mrs C Sharp
96/125 Hut built for Lewis Thompson by Eccleston Du Faur (Springwood Coll'n)
- Early photo of Mt Wilson rainforest (Eccleston Du Faur)
94/4w Eccleston Du Faur photo of Mt Wilson rainforest before settlement
98/182 Eccleston Du Faur (1832 - 1915)
97/247 Dennarque - eastern end of verandah (Herscovitch Coll'n)
97/257 Driveway to Dennarque from what is now Sefton Cottage (Herscovitch Coll'n)
97/255 Dennarque (Herscovitch Collection)
97/249 Dennarque garden (Herscovitch Collection)
97/201 Albert Kirk scything the grass at Windyridge c1920-30 (See 96/114)
98/21 Chimney Cottage and Waterfall Bridge c1935 (Laurie Le Guay photographer)
96/112 Stone Lodge - Yengo when owned by Fred Mann
97/216 Yengo garden (Herscovitch Collection)
97/218 Yengo garden (Herscovitch Collection)
97/39 Yengo entrance drive
97/215 Yengo garden (Herscovitch Collection)
98/87 Yengo before 1923
98/102 Group outside Bebeah  incl'g I Sloan and George E Valder
96/61 Driveway at Bebeah Gregson child, Dolly Moore the Governess?
97/226 Paddock at Bebeah with tree ferns c1916-19 (Herscovitch Collection)
97/222 Sefton Hall Billiard Room (Herscovitch Collection)
97/225 Sefton Hall Billiard Room (Herscovitch Collection)
96/66 Sefton Hall Look-Out Tower
96/62 Track to Waterfall Reserve (now Waterfall Road)
98/178 View of Church Lane below Sefton Hall c1920
97/241 Queens Ave looking toward The Avenue (Herscovitch Collection)
97/260 View from Wynstay to Yengo sheds - left hand shed became Cherry Cottage
97/220 The Avenue outside Sefton Hall
97/236 The Avenue looking toward Wynstay (Herscovitch Collection)
97/238 The Avenue looking down from the Church (Herscovitch Collection)
97/251 Hays Corner (now Ferny Corner) from the school side (Herscovitch Coll'n)
97/191 Mt Wilson School c1919
97/190(a) Mt Wilson School and Teacher's Cottage or Hut c1919 (Shaw Collection)
98/351 George Henry Cox - Beowang
98/349 Bebeah waterhole c1891 (J Gregson album)
98/333 Bebeah E k Cox
98/339 Bebeah - built in 1878
98/363 Old Campanella c1890
98/369 Nooroo viewed from garden and original entry
98/362 Matthew Henry Stephen (1828 - 1920) Campanella
98/332 Edward King Cox of Bebeah Died 1883
98/340 Bebeah c1969 from the west
98/378 Mt Wilson Post Office c1915 in Beowang
98/331 Cox and Wynne Families at gates of Belangra (now Sefton Hall)
98/384 St Georges Church
98/330 Mulgoa residence (?) Cox Family
98/179 Timber Getter's Cottage in early Mt Wilson
- Balangra after it was moved to the site where Sefton Cottage now stands
98/382 Sefton Hall c1912 (Lookout tower collapsed in storm 1920s)
98/359 Belangra - part of original cottage, became billiard room for Sefton Hall
98/380 Henry Marcus Clark (1859 - 1913) of Sefton Hall
98/292 Dennarque c1969, western elevation
- Mary Ann Wynne (nee Neich) 1889 Yarrawa Mt Wilson
98/187 Richard Wynne (1822 - 1895) Yarrawa Mt Wilson
98/271 Edward Christopher Merewether of Dennarque Mt Wilson
98/271 Merewether Family at Dennarque 1880s E C Merewether wearing beret
98/309 Jesse Gregson (1837 - 1919) Yengo
97/196 Mt Wilson Post Office c1930
10 Turkish Bath 1999
99/? William Hay, founder of Nooroo - photo and cartoon from Punch 1883
99/- Nooroo garden viewed from front of cottage c1915
97/186 Early view of Sylvan Close - part of Campanella originally
- Early road map showing Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine
- Early road map of Mt Wilson
- Map Parish of Irvine, County of Cook, Windsor Land District
- Fred Mann hand drawn map of Mt Wilson (5 copies)
- Balance sheet showing Lewis Thompson (Ranger) wages & other expenditure
2005/63 Jazz Concert Anzac Weekend  View of audience