1 Freda Moore aged 2(?) on horse
2 Freda Moore aged 2(?) on horse
3 Freda Moore aged 3 in backyard
4 Freda Moore aged 3 in backyard
5  Freda Moore and horse at a show (?)
6 Freda Moore riding on a track between houses
7 Freda Moore in a long dress 
8 Wedding of Freda Moore to Noel (-------?)
9 Freda Moore at her wedding to Noel (Allan Gerard of Rockdale photo)
10 Freda and her horse Fascination at Picton Show 1936 (Leicagraph of Sydney photo)
11 Freda in street photo June 1936 
12 Freda with her mother Zayda (Smiling Snaps photo)
- Thelma Kirk studio photograph (Sidney Riley Studios Pitt St Sydney)
2005/37 Robert Kirk (Died 25th January 1896 aged 57)
96/118 Tom Kirk woodcutting in Minnesota USA
2006/149 Tom Kirk (Libby Raines photo)
2006/150 Peter Kirk and Bill Scrivener in Village Hall (Libby Raines photo)
96/33 Cecil Kirk aged 5 years
93/88 Lizzie Kirk (nee Clark) wife of Syd Kirk - Nanny to Patrick White
93/89 Bert (Herbert) Kirk and second wife Mabel
93/90 Albert, Peter, Cecil and Sydney Kirk with bullock team
93/91 Peter, Sydney and Albert Kirk at the timber mill
93/92 The Old Mill leased by Colonel RO Wynne to Syd Kirk and his brothers
93/93 The Old Mill - boiler end
93/94 Lizzie and Sydney Kirk with Suzanne White
93/95 Lizzie Clark, nanny to the White children, in Withycombe gardens
93/96 Suzanne White (to become Suzanne Peck)
93/97 Kirk brothers loading bullock wagon
93/98 Syd Kirk at the saw bench
93/99 View of Kirk's steam driven saw mill
93/100 Mary (Dollie), Syd, Athelia, Bert, Peter, Mary (mother), Cecil and Sydney (father)
93/101 Mary (Dollie) born 1891, died 1915
93/102 Vivien Kirk born 1896, died 1980
93/103 Sidney Wm Jackson with Sydney Wm Kirk
93/104 Sydney Kirk at bench in the steam saw mill
93/105 Kirk's Picnic at Taihoa front gate
93/106 Tom Kirk bullock driver
93/107 NSW Premier Holman with Kirk's bullock team
93/108 Bowens Creek Crossing (footbridge)
93/109 Victor White, father of Patrick and Suzanne White
93/110 Early Kirk ancestor = possibly Mary Marceau's mother
93/111 Albert, Vivien, Sydney, Athelia (Bub) and Bert c1914
93/112 Athelia Kirk and Dick Manning 1916
93/113 Syd Kirk at 1968 Centenary Dinner with Prof R Thorpe in Village Hall
93/114 Patrick White
93/115 Patrick White wearing mortarboard cap
93/116 Patrick White
93/117 Restored steam engine once used in Kirk's saw mill
93/118 Detail of sign on restored steam engine once used in Kirk's saw mill
93/119 Young Tom Kirk showing his skills
- Desmond Kirk aged 12 months, Hebert Kirk's son
- Sylvia Kirk 1930, Leslie's daughter
- Enlargement of photo 93/118 - sign on restored steam engine
- Judith Kirk certificate Gould League of Bird Lovers rec'd Mt Wilson School 1942
94-95/7 Vivien Kirk with his bullock team
94-95/8 Vivien and Olga Kirk's home at Mt Wilson. Since burnt down
94-95/12 Log on Vivien Kirk's truck, Dianne Kirk on truck, Patricia Kirk foreground
94-95/6 Judy Kirk aged 4 months
94-95/9 Patricia Kirk and Judy Kirk aged 11 months
94-95/11 Judy and Pratricia Kirk with dog in front of car
94-95/19 Judy Kirk playing tennis at Wynstay
94-95/20 Judy Kirk aged 16 years at Walgett
94-95/32 Dianne, Patricia and Judy Kirk with snowman at Mt Wilson - Joe Webb's cottage
94-95/42 Patricia Kirk, school friend, Olga, Vivien and Judy Kirk  Mt W Gymkhana
94-95/2 Olga Mahony married Viv Kirk
94-95/14 Patricia, Judy, Dianne and Jennifer Kirk - Vivien Kirk girls
94-95/15 Dianne, Jennifer, Olga and Judy Kirk going on a picnic at Mt Wilson
94-95/16 Judy Clark and Judy Kirk 1948
94-95/3 Peter Kirk, Vera Godden, Olga Mahony, Vivien Kirk and Elsie Mahony
94-95/34 Olga Kirk and grandson Phillip Caffre
96/144 At Tom Kirk's Emoh Ruo  J Roland & Con Frill, builders - Wynstay Stables c1890
94-95/4 Olga Kirk at tennis day at Teece's
94-95/17 Dianne & Olga Kirk, Isobel (?), Patricia Kirk - tennis day at Teece's
94-95/18 Bill Knight-Brown and Ron Wynne at tennis day at Teece's
94-95/28 Dianne Kirk, Mervyn Wynne, John Valder, Jane Wynne - tennis at Mt Irvine
94-95/21 Ron Wynne, Mason Chambers and Mac Currey at Walgett
94-95/27 Mervyn Wynne - tennis day at Wynstay
93/124 Mariamne and Ron Wynne outside Post Office at Mt Wilson -  stall in background
94-95/31(a) Viv, Bert, Ruby, Don, Peter Kirk. Bill Brown, Mavis Sibson and Mr Sibson
95/11 Silva Plana cricket game
95/34 Bob Kirk (Uncle Bob) and possibly Mat Davies
96/80 Silva Plana Sports Day slippery dip 1930s
93/102 Vivien Kirk born 1896, died 1980
- Libby Raines with one of the Kirk Brothers at Village Hall
- One of the Kirk brothers (?) standing in front of a large truck
  Some negatives included in album