Accommodation, Gardens and Local Property for Sale

The Mt Wilson & Mt Irvine communities are very friendly, close knit and supportive. Most of us find it is a privilege to be able to own property to live, spend weekends or holiday in the area.

From time to time there are several properties for sale and these are listed below with links to further information - click on the property names for full details.

PINE LODGE - Wollangambe Views

95-97 Mount Irvine Road, Mount Wilson

Richardson & Wrench Blackheath (Lewis Thyer): 0430 043 806

Richard Leplastrier Design

Fernwood Park, 17 Farrer Road West, Mount Wilson

IRIS Property: (02) 4567 7254

Mount Wilson is a village famous for its magnificent cool climate exotic private gardens. Many gardens are open all year round; Spring and Autumn are the most popular seasons when the gardens are at their most colourful. The best strategy for any visitor is to get out of the car and start walking.

The experience of the village is the experience of its gardens, its avenues of trees, its lookouts and its walking trails and picnic areas. For most people, the best time to visit Mount Wilson is either Spring or Autumn. At these times, many of the locals open their gardens to the public - some of which are over 120 years old.

All gardens are privately owned and so a per person entry fee will be charged. The amount is the decision of the property owner.
Of particular note are Church Lane, Queen's Avenue, The Avenue and Cathedral Reserve with their rows of plane trees, limes, elms, beeches, liquidambars and pink cherries.

Gardens open to the public in Mount Wilson include Yengo Sculpture Gardens (featuring Australia's first endangered wildlife reserve), Nooroo (including a world famous wisteria collection), Breenhold, Sefton Cottage, Windyridge, Bebeah and Merry Garth.  All the other gardens in the village are private property and should not be entered except by invitation.

Bring a picnic and stroll through these beautiful gardens.

Dogs are allowed in the Mt Wilson Village and at Cathedral Reserve, however dogs are not allowed in the National Park adjacent to the reserve and village. 

Some gardens in the Mt Wilson village accept dogs on a leash. You will need to check with the garden owner whether they permit dogs, many do.


Gardens open most of the year

Bebeah The Avenue, Mount Wilson  
Phone: 02 4756 2014
Windyridge Queens Ave, Mount Wilson  
Phone: 02 4756 2019


Gardens open seasonally, in Spring and Autumn



The Avenue, Mount Wilson
Phone: 02 9968 1232 or 0411 144 013
Merry Garth Along Davies Lane to Galwey Lane, Mount Wilson
Open Wednesdays and weekends during April, check Merry Garth page for details


(website)  /  (facebook)

Church Lane, Mount Wilson 
Phone: 02 4756 2018 or 0419 244 207
Sefton Cottage  21 Church Lane, Mount Wilson

Yengo Sculpture Gardens


11 Queens Ave, Mount Wilson
Phone: 02 4756 2002 or 0432 414 008

Video tour of Yengo


Horticulture & Plant Nurseries

Merry Garth
Rare plant nursery
Along Davies Lane to Galwey Lane, Mount Wilson
Open Wednesdays and weekends during April, check Merry Garth page for details
Rare & unusual plants for sale
Queens Ave, Mount Wilson  
Phone: 02 4756 2019






A wide variety of accommodation in Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine is available for short stays.